If you are taming the horse then you should not miss to get the services of the farrier for getting the right horseshoe.  Talk to your veterinarian and farrier for getting the best shoes for your horse. Their suggestions will help you to get the best horseshoe. Due to the evolving technology, there have been some modifications in the designs of horseshoes. Whether you are looking for the steel horseshoe or the aluminum one, farrier is able to supply the best type of horseshoe for your loving horse. It is one of the best farrier tools for your horse that you cannot neglect as it plays an important role in maintaining the health of your horse. Some of the horseshoe options available these days include:

Regular horseshoe

This is the most common type of horseshoe which is available in the market. It is generally pre-made by machine and is designed to protect the hoof while riding.  This type of horseshoe provides fuller coverage to the horse.

Rim horseshoe

This is somewhat similar to regular horseshoe and has a large groove area in the middle. Hence, it allows more traction.  This is the reason why this type of horseshoe is considered ideal for the racing horses.

Bar shoe

This type of horseshoe is in the round shape which allows more support to the hooves and the back portion of the legs and the heels. This is the best type of horseshoe when there is a need to support the hooves in case of injuries.  Egg bar shoe is a variation in the bar horseshoe as it provides the extended support to the horse.

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