Choose The Best Shoe For Your Loving Horse


If you are taming the horse then you should not miss to get the services of the farrier for getting the right horseshoe.  Talk to your veterinarian and farrier for getting the best shoes for your horse. Their suggestions will help you to get the best horseshoe. Due to the evolving technology, there have been some modifications in the designs of horseshoes. Whether you are looking for the steel horseshoe or the aluminum one, farrier is able to supply the best type of horseshoe for your loving horse. It is one of the best farrier tools for your horse that you cannot neglect as it plays an important role in maintaining the health of your horse. Some of the horseshoe options available these days include:

Regular horseshoe

This is the most common type of horseshoe which is available in the market. It is generally pre-made by machine and is designed to protect the hoof while riding.  This type of horseshoe provides fuller coverage to the horse.

Rim horseshoe

This is somewhat similar to regular horseshoe and has a large groove area in the middle. Hence, it allows more traction.  This is the reason why this type of horseshoe is considered ideal for the racing horses.

Bar shoe

This type of horseshoe is in the round shape which allows more support to the hooves and the back portion of the legs and the heels. This is the best type of horseshoe when there is a need to support the hooves in case of injuries.  Egg bar shoe is a variation in the bar horseshoe as it provides the extended support to the horse.

Different Options Of Liveries Available To Give Care To Horses


When you have a sweet-looking pony or large-sized horse, you need to look after them. But, often due to some reasons, you cannot find chance for spending time with them. So, liver yards are perfect alternatives for you. The major kinds of liveries, which are found in many places, are :

big yard for horses

Grass livery

It is such a livery, which provides the horses with a green field. If you own the horse, you have to take complete care for the livery. You need to pay only for using the field as a shelter. But, before choosing this yard, you need to know whether you may come to livery for clearing paddock and for giving food. Besides, you should also see if your horse has suffered from injury. However, there are some liveries, where the yard owner can monitor your horses at least one time on every day.

Schooling livery

When your horse is at this livery, the yard owner may care for your animal every day. Liveries sometimes comprise the facility of training the horses for about five to six days on every week.

Full livery

This livery gives your horse not only the field but also the bedding and regular foods, like hay. The staffs of these liveries take all the possible cares for your horse. Some of these yards also offer opportunities for exercising so that your horse may stay fit. If you are extremely busy and cannot get time for meeting your horse, this livery is best for you. Most of the livery yard providers offer a tailored package in order to meet your personal requirements.

Part livery

Some of these yards offer care throughout a week, while others only treat the horse in morning time only. Thus, the scheduled care may vary in this case.

So, decide on the liver yards that perfectly suit your needs and also the requirements of your horse.

Dressage Attire – Few Tips on How to Dress Like a Winner in 2016


Dressage is basically a very skilled form of horse riding. It is performed in competition and exhibition. Dressage is an art and is basically pursued for the sake of “mastery”. Dressage is basically a well trained high expression of horse riding. In this, the rider and the horse are expected to perform from their memory of series of coordinated movements.

Dressage is not just about the performance, it is also very important for the rider to take time and look the part for the performance. If you are performing dressage it is important for you to take care and attention to your dressage clothing. Here are some tips that can help you to dress up like a winner for your next dressage. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-

  • The jackets 


First of all it is very important to choose the right type of clothes for your dressage performance to make an impact on the judges. If you are in the junior level or the lower level dressage you should wear a straight and short jacket across your back. It is very important that you choose appropriate and acceptable colours for your jackets like brown, clack, charcoal, navy etc.


  • Shirts 

When you chose your shirt for dressage clothing, make sure you chose pale or light coloured shirts. You can choose the sleeve length according to your choice and comfort. If you are wearing a standard collar style shirt, it is important that you include a tie with it.

When you look like a winner, you feel like a winner.

Benefits of Purchasing A Horse Online


Before the final purchase decision, people often want to determine the pros and cons of purchasing a horse from equine shop online. First of all, the benefit of buying a horse online is that you will be able to sort horses very easily. Your sorting will be based on type, breed, price range, color, area and other advanced keywords to enhance your search. If you are really lucky, you will find an equine as per your choice within your driving distance. You can also visit the horse and even try using it. If you have any questions in your mind, related to the horse, you can ask.

Usually, people who buy and sell horses online are educated and they have sound knowledge about horses. You will not find just anybody trying to buy or sell something – they understand the basics of equine shop online.

Risks of Buying a Horse without Meeting

As always, it leaves an open risk factor – whether you buy at an auction or online, you cannot be 100% sure about the horse. Buying online also means that you or may not be able to try the horse before you purchase. It is best not to go for such deals. In the online ads, most of the things are usually unsaid or covered up. As a matter of fact, most of these ads are usually too good to be true – they want to showcase their horses possessing accurate skills and talent to make some quick bucks. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to make sure you meet the horse as well as the owner before buying.