Best Methods To Heal Joint Pain Of The Horse

Horse Health

Horses can jump fences, gallop around fences, and breeze down the backstretch. All such activities require healthy joints with a full range of motion. Any severe joint injury for the horse can be its career-ending. Horses may also develop joint problems as they age. Pain, stiffness, or limited motion range is the sign of a joint problem in horses. There are many horse health products to keep their joints healthy. You can give them a healthy feed to ensure that they do not suffer from such problems.If they are already suffering from the problem, here are some methods of healing.

Laser therapy

You can use laser therapy to stimulate the horse’s bodily responses. It shows various effects like minimizing the swelling, healing the skin wound, etc. This therapy stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic sensors, increases the serotonin in the blood, and reduces repair time. It also gives bio stimulating effects, which provide relief from chronic pain. The common use of laser therapy decreases the pain associated with muscle injuries and heals the wound.


Ultrasound examination is mostly done for diagnosis but ultrasound waves can also be used in the healing process. The acoustic energy treats muscles injuries. It offers deep heating without excessively heating the skin. This therapy reduces pain, encourages wound healing, reduces swelling, and decreases scar tissue formation. It improves blood flow to the affected areas and improves the range of motion.


Exercise is the most effective way to deal with any health problem. In the case of horses also exercise is the best way to heal the problem. It provides a gradual return function and improves strength. Make sure that too much work very early can have a negative impact on your horse’s recovery.