Different Options Of Liveries Available To Give Care To Horses


When you have a sweet-looking pony or large-sized horse, you need to look after them. But, often due to some reasons, you cannot find chance for spending time with them. So, liver yards are perfect alternatives for you. The major kinds of liveries, which are found in many places, are :

big yard for horses

Grass livery

It is such a livery, which provides the horses with a green field. If you own the horse, you have to take complete care for the livery. You need to pay only for using the field as a shelter. But, before choosing this yard, you need to know whether you may come to livery for clearing paddock and for giving food. Besides, you should also see if your horse has suffered from injury. However, there are some liveries, where the yard owner can monitor your horses at least one time on every day.

Schooling livery

When your horse is at this livery, the yard owner may care for your animal every day. Liveries sometimes comprise the facility of training the horses for about five to six days on every week.

Full livery

This livery gives your horse not only the field but also the bedding and regular foods, like hay. The staffs of these liveries take all the possible cares for your horse. Some of these yards also offer opportunities for exercising so that your horse may stay fit. If you are extremely busy and cannot get time for meeting your horse, this livery is best for you. Most of the livery yard providers offer a tailored package in order to meet your personal requirements.

Part livery

Some of these yards offer care throughout a week, while others only treat the horse in morning time only. Thus, the scheduled care may vary in this case.

So, decide on the liver yards that perfectly suit your needs and also the requirements of your horse.