Dressage Attire – Few Tips on How to Dress Like a Winner in 2016


Dressage is basically a very skilled form of horse riding. It is performed in competition and exhibition. Dressage is an art and is basically pursued for the sake of “mastery”. Dressage is basically a well trained high expression of horse riding. In this, the rider and the horse are expected to perform from their memory of series of coordinated movements.

Dressage is not just about the performance, it is also very important for the rider to take time and look the part for the performance. If you are performing dressage it is important for you to take care and attention to your dressage clothing. Here are some tips that can help you to dress up like a winner for your next dressage. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-

  • The jackets 


First of all it is very important to choose the right type of clothes for your dressage performance to make an impact on the judges. If you are in the junior level or the lower level dressage you should wear a straight and short jacket across your back. It is very important that you choose appropriate and acceptable colours for your jackets like brown, clack, charcoal, navy etc.


  • Shirts 

When you chose your shirt for dressage clothing, make sure you chose pale or light coloured shirts. You can choose the sleeve length according to your choice and comfort. If you are wearing a standard collar style shirt, it is important that you include a tie with it.

When you look like a winner, you feel like a winner.